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Conn Pan American ‘Eagle and Globe’ Baritone Saxophone

Conn Pan American ‘Eagle and Globe’ Baritone Saxophone


Huge sounds, retro looks.

Condition: In great used, original condition, and great playing condition.

Age: 1933

The Conn saxophones of the 30’s and 40’s have gained legendary status in the hands of players such as Gerry Mulligan and Coleman Hawkins. At the time, Pan American was Conn’s intermediate line of horns and as such the designs are largely simplified versions of classic Conn designs. In this case what we have is essentially a Conn New Wonder 2 but without the ‘nail file’ G# key and without rolled tone holes. 

This horn is finished in its original lacquer and is in remarkable condition for a 90 year old horn. There are no signs of any major repairs and only a few small marks. It is playing amazing on older pads that are in great condition. It is a wonderful player and has a monstrous big open sound. A real player. Comes with a functional shaped hard case. 

As with all of our instruments, trials are both recommended and encouraged. Please book an appointment or get in touch if you would like any more information.

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