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Instrument Sales and Repair

New, Vintage and Pre-Owned

Instrument Sales

Specialising in second-hand and vintage instruments, we also carry a selection of new stock from our favourite brands.

Selling Your Instrument

We often buy instruments in as stock but also offer a sale on commission service at competitive rates.

Instrument Repairs

From basic instrument checks, through to full overhauls and restorations, your instrument is in safe hands in our professional workshop.

Instrument Sales

Here at West Yorkshire Woodwind we aim to stock the most comprehensive range of second hand and vintage woodwind instruments anywhere. Whether you’re a beginner looking for their first instrument, or a seasoned pro looking for a new work horse, we’re here to help.
We stock instruments from all the major manufacturers both vintage and modern, including; Selmer, Conn, King, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, P. Mauriat, Martin, Buescher, Keilwerth, Buffet, Pearl, and Altus to name but a few.

We have a passion for vintage saxophones and are one of the few places in the country to stock a wide range of the legendary Selmer Mk VI saxophones. We usually have at least 15 in stock across the range of saxophones with serial numbers ranging from first year of manufacture, to last.

If Mark VI’s aren’t your thing then we have plenty of other legendary vintage horns to choose from, including; Selmer BA/SBA, Conn 10m/6m/12m/New Wonder, King Zephyr/Super 20/Silver sonic, Buescher 400, Martin, and many more.

Instrument Repairs

We offer a full professional workshop service catering for all your servicing and repair needs.

From basic instrument checks, through to full overhauls and restorations, your instrument is in safe hands. We only use the best quality repair materials when servicing instruments. Top quality pads, cork and felt will ensure that your instrument is performing at its best for much longer, which means less maintenance in the long run, ultimately saving you money.

We are also happy to talk through any questions you might have about your instrument and offer advice and consultation too.

We have a guideline price list published here, but individual assessment of repairs is usually required and we are happy to give obligation free quotes.

Instrument repairs
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