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Selmer Super Action (SBA) Tenor Saxophone, ’54, 55XXX

Selmer Super Action (SBA) Tenor Saxophone, ’54, 55XXX


Stunning original silver SBA

Condition: Beautiful cosmetic condition, good pads.
Age: 1954
A predecessor to Selmers iconic Mark VI saxophone, the Selmer Super Action (SBA) has developed a cult following over the last few years. They are considerably rarer the Mark VI’s with a production run of only 5 years (1949-1954). Tonally they are more akin to the earlier Selmer tenors but have many of the wonderful ergonomic features found on the later Mark VI. For many, the SBA tenor saxophone represents the holy grail of vintage horns, this is true for players and collectors alike.
This SBA is finished in its original silver plate and looks stunning. It is un-engraved. The pads are in nice condition and it is playing spot on. It feels amazing under the fingers and sounds as good as you would hope a horn of this calibre would.

As with all of our instruments, trials are both recommended and encouraged. Please book an appointment or get in touch if you would like any more information.

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