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Conn 6m VIII Alto Saxophone, ’40, 295XXX

Conn 6m VIII Alto Saxophone, ’40, 295XXX

Original price was: £2,750.00.Current price is: £2,500.00.

An amazing example of this iconic alto

Condition: In beautiful used, and great playing condition.

Age: 1940

C.G. Conn Ltd made some of the finest saxophones in the world prior to the USA joining WW2 in 1941. The most famous of these were the M series, 6m alto, 10m tenor, and 12m baritone. These saxes were played by some of the all time greats including Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker, and Gerry Mulligan to name just a few.  

In terms of ergonomics they feel very different to modern horns. They feel small, fast, and compact under the fingers and do take a bit of getting used to. However; they sound amazing. They are, in my opinion, some of the finest sounding horns ever made. If you can get around the key-work you will be richly rewarded.

This one has the serial number 295XXX and was made in 1940. It is finished in its original lacquer and looks absolutely stunning. This is truly one of the nicest examples of an original 6m VIII series I have seen. The engraving is a work of art and really pops. 

As with all of our instruments, trials are both recommended and encouraged. Please book an appointment or get in touch if you would like any more information. This horn is a sale on commission instrument for a customer of ours and as such it is listed as POA. Please get in touch for the price. Thanks.

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