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Yanagisawa T5 tenor saxophone, 70’s (prima)

Yanagisawa T5 tenor saxophone, 70’s (prima)


Professional level, bronze bodied Tenor Saxophone.

Condition: Used, great playing condition.
Age: 1970’s

Made by a small family company in Japan, Yanagisawa offer some of the best and most popular saxophones in the world. Nowadays the Yanagisawa name is synonymous with quality saxophones but they have been making horns for a long time.

This is one of their horns from the 1970’s. It was originally marketed as a student horn but that really doesn’t do it justice. These offer a fantastic option for anyone looking for a quality horn at a reasonable price whether for your first tenor sax or for a reliable doubling instrument.

As with all of our instruments, trials are both recommended and encouraged. Please book an appointment or get in touch if you would like any more information

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